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Child Playground Injuries in Orlando

Children love playgrounds, whether they are at day care, school or an after-school program. Climbing, swinging, sliding and running are some of the favorite activities every child loves to do on Orlando playgrounds.

Unfortunately, a child is at a high risk of injury if he or she is not supervised properly while playing. Some injuries are unavoidable or unpreventable; however, other injuries are foreseeable and should be prevented.

Child Supervision on Playgrounds

Proper supervision should always be provided during recess or outdoor play time. School and other childcare facilities are required by law to have a certain child to teacher ratio, both in classrooms and on playgrounds. If guidelines are not followed properly, or a supervisor gets distracted and fails to ensure your child’s safety, then an Orlando Child Injury Attorney may be able to help recuperate damages if your child is injured.

Child Injuries Due to Equipment

Equipment on playgrounds, and even in backyards, should be maintained with great care to help reduce the risk of injuries. Certain ground coverings or floorings can add an extra measure of safety to playgrounds. If your child is injured due to unsafe equipment, the care provider and the equipment manufacturer may both play a role in the incident, and should be held liable for your child’s medical expenses.

Orlando Child Injury Attorneys at Oldham & Smith

When you take your child to daycare or send him to school, you assume proper safety measures will be met. If your child has suffered an injury while playing at school that was partially or fully caused by another’s negligence, our Child Injury Attorneys want to help you recover damages for the expenses you are facing now and in the future. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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