Florida's I-75 Remains Treacherous for Drivers

Interstate 75 is one of Florida’s deadliest roadways. In the past few weeks alone, five people have died and 16 others were injured on this dangerous highway. Unfortunately, truck accidents are all too common on I-75, and they usually result in catastrophic injuries.

Florida residents who drive on the treacherous roadway should be aware of the dangers when driving on it, especially when road conditions are less than ideal.

Percentage wise, I-75 does not necessarily have more crashes, but the crashes that do occur are typically very serious, if not deadly. There are at least two contributing factors to the danger of the highway. These include:

1. Speed. The speed limit is set at 70 mph. However, many drivers, including commercial vehicles and trucks travel even faster than this. As a result, the impact from a speeding truck can be devastating to all involved. The speed limit was increased a few years back and the increase has resulted in more serious personal injuries than ever before on I-75.

2. Volume. The sheer number of cars and trucks using this main highway is enormous. On a daily basis hundreds of thousands of vehicles are traveling up and down this stretch of highway. Increased volume has resulted in the increase of multi-car crashes as opposed to single or two-car accidents.

Together, these two factors set the stage for a deadly accident waiting to happen.

Even with bad weather conditions, many drivers, and in particular truck drivers, continue to use the Interstate at top speed, making matters even that much more dangerous.

Unfortunately, this means that drivers on Florida’s I-75 will remain vulnerable to the very real possibility of being involved in a serious truck accident that could result in personal injuries and even death.

Source: The Gainesville Sun, “Several factors combine to make I-75 perilous,” Cindy Swirko, Oct. 15, 2011


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