The Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Mt. Dora, FL

Car accidents happen every day in Mt. Dora and across Florida. Various injuries occur with the accidents and can range from mild to catastrophic, even deadly. A close study of the insurance claims in recent years shows that some injuries tend to occur more often than others.

Following are the most common severe injuries that happen in car accidents:

  • Head or brain injuries: drivers often have a head impact in a car accident. Severe head injuries can be difficult to detect immediately following the incident. Some head impacts result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and can require intense, long-term rehabilitation.
  • Neck injuries: severe neck injuries such as cervical radiculopathy or disc injury can be debilitating. Some neck injuries may require surgery and physical therapy.
  • Back injuries: upon impact, a driver or passenger can be slung forward while their lower back is held back. The torque on the body can cause painful back injuries or fractures. Back pain may not be evident immediately following a car accident. X-rays are not always accurate at detecting back injuries; you may need an MRI or other imaging process to find the problem.
  • Facial injuries: steering wheels, windshields, airbags, dashboards and other objects in a car can cause lacerations, nerve damage, dental issues and fractures to the face. Permanent scarring can cause disfigurement. Facial injuries may require multiple surgeries to minimize scarring.
  • Psychological trauma: when a person suffers through a major car accident, the psychological trauma can be crippling.

Mt. Dora, Florida Injury Attorney

If you have suffered severe or catastrophic injuries from a car accident in Mt. Dora, FL or surrounding communities, contact the injury attorneys at Oldham & Smith to guide you through the claims process. Call today for a free consultation.


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