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Are There Rules & Laws That Regulate the Use of Golf Carts?

Golf cart drivers must adhere to the specific transportation laws that are placed under the Florida state law. Golf carts are prohibited on most roads unless the road is specifically designated by a sign that notifies the driver that the roadway is a proper route for golf cart access.

For daytime driving, necessities include brakes that work effectively as well as appropriate tires and steering mechanisms. Golf cart drivers must use headlights 30 minutes prior to dusk and 30 minutes after dawn and should use turn signals when necessary. After sunset or before sunrise, golf carts should also be furnished with brake lights and reflectors. Age restrictions only apply to driver’s that are crossing over a public road. In this case, a driver must be over the age of fourteen. To ensure safety, golf carts may also need to incorporate rear view mirrors.

Who Is Responsible in a Golf Cart Accident?

Under the Florida motor vehicle law, golf carts are named as a dangerous instrument. Due to this statute, the owner is responsible for any bodily injuries or property damage that occurs while they or someone else that they gave permission to utilizes the golf cart. Many insurance agencies offer coverage for recreational vehicles. This coverage may fall under a person’s homeowner policy. However, there may be limited liability. Therefore, golf cart owners should consider getting an additional policy to cover medical expenses and uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage. The latter usually covers medical bills and lost wages that result from a crash as well as pain and suffering. If a golf cart owner is not insured to cover the asset or the persons utilizing the vehicle, they are subject to lawsuits due to bodily injury or personal property damage.

Golf carts are designed to operate at speeds of 20 mph or less. If a golf cart’s speed is modified, this can be considered unlawful. Golf cart injuries can result from passengers falling or jumping out of the golf cart, a golf cart overturning or a crash with another object or person(s) as well as many other possibilities.

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