How To Tell If My Hotel Has Adequate Security

Staying in a hotel is an experience that allows travelers to sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of great amenities. Security is something that is normally taken for granted, unless the property appears less than scrupulous. Hotels however, have clear responsibilities when it comes to keeping guests and their belongings secure and free from crime.

Security laws that hotels have to follow

Primarily, there are three aspects of security that hotels must follow by law:

  • A hotel must take reasonable steps to minimize foreseeable danger
  • To prevent weary travelers from being targeted through reasonable barriers; and
  • Maintain the duty of reasonable care owed to the invitee

It is generally expected that hotels are responsible for clean rooms and employing trust-worthy staff. When it comes down to minimizing the potential for foreseeable breaches in security, the more reputable the property, the better.

What should be on my Hotel Security Checklist

When staying at a hotel, travelers should check for the following:

  • Ensure working door and window locks
  • Test door closure and safety bar
  • Check that the phone is operational
  • Place necessities like wallet, cell and shoes in near proximity in case of threat; and
  • Utilize the in-room safe

Security practices are most effective through deterring what may take place. Travelers must be diligent, but a hotel must also do everything possible to guarantee guest safety as well. Today, travelers routinely upload guest reviews, report directly on their experiences and share what it’s actually like to be a guest of each hotel. Knowing which properties are safe, and which ones to avoid can reduce chances for harm, but it never prevents these situations entirely.

How to check hotel security before arrival

One of the best ways to check hotel security prior to arrival is by reading traveler reviews and referencing the hotel website directly. If computer access is not readily available, travelers can simply call the hotel or ask a booking agent about the security features of the property where they will be staying.

Consumers have many rights when it comes to hotel security. Ensuring that guests are safe from hazardous conditions, enjoy a properly locking, secure environment in which to stay and making certain that personal property is not damaged or stolen are a few. When travelers have been harmed through inadequate hotel security, Oldham & Smith Attorneys at Law are available through complimentary consultation, contact us online to schedule your consultation.


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