I Rented A Defective Rental Car, And It Caused An Accident. Now What?

Rental car companies are supposed to provide their clients with safe and efficient vehicles. A person who rents a faulty vehicle may be eligible for personal injury compensation if the faulty vehicle causes an accident. Eligibility for personal injury depends on a number of factors. A reliable personal injury attorney can discuss the various aspects of the case to determine who is at fault in a rental car incident. The main qualifying factor that can place an accident in the personal injury bracket is neglect. Neglect is any action or lack of action that undermines the safety and well-being of another person. If such an action causes someone an injury, then the faulty party may have to compensate the injured party.

The Responsibility of a Rental Car Company

One of the main responsibilities of a rental car company is to ensure that a vehicle is safe to drive. Therefore, a rental company should inspect its vehicles before people rent them, and it should inspect them after people return them. The company should also repair any problems that the inspections uncover. Failure to conduct either of such tasks can result in an accusation of neglect.

About Rental Car Insurance and Personal Vehicular Insurance

An injured person may have automobile insurance through a personal carrier or through the rental company. Such insurance may cover damages to the vehicle and a small portion of the damages to the driver. Rental car insurance can spare the renter from having to pay for a new vehicle in the instance of an accident. However, such a policy does not provide much assistance to a person who sustains an injury from a faulty vehicle. Personal auto insurance policies rarely provide enough coverage for an injured person to repair his or her life.

Why Hiring a Personal Injury Specialist May Be Necessary

Personal injury compensation can cover an injured person’s medical expenses, and it can cover any material losses that the person suffers. Additionally, such compensation can cover lost work wages. If the courts feel as if the rental company was extremely negligent, then the injured person may also receive punitive damages. A reliable personal injury attorney can collect a large lump sum distribution for a victim. Therefore, contacting a personal injury attorney may be in an injured person’s best interest. Injury specialists rarely charge for an initial consultation, and some may even provide contingency representation. Contingency representation allows the victim to receive help with no cost until the lawyer wins the case.


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