My Neighbor's Dog Got Out and Bit My Child. Who's Liable?

In Fulton, Georgia, a ten-year-old boy ended up the hospital recovering from severe dog bites to his head and arms. After the boy got off of the school bus, he realized he didn’t have a key to get into his home, so he went to a neighbor’s house to use the phone. The neighbor had two bullmastiffs in the backyard, which the boy asked to pet and the neighbor said no. The owner of the home claims he thought the boy had left the house when he allowed the dogs to come back into the home, but the boy was still there and the dogs attacked him.

Dog Bites

Dog bite incidents are a no laughing matter. Even animals that have never attacked people, whether adults or children, can attack and bite at any given moment. This can cause serious injury, and even illness depending on any bacteria or sickness the animal may be carrying, or the current well being of the individual attacked and how the wounds are cared for. They cause psychological damage from a terrifying attack, especially for a child can mean life-long trauma.

Who’s Liable?

Liability takes into consideration many aspects of injury. There are many aspects to something like a dog bite incident that have to be considered when determining liability, for example:

  • Who owned the dog that attacked the individual?
  • Where did the bite or attack occur?
  • What were the conditions under which the bite happened?
  • What were the actions of the individual who was bitten?
  • Was the dog provoked?
  • Was the attack a result of negligence, faulty fencing or other devices?
  • Is the dog of a breed that should be registered and was not?

Clermont Dog Bite Lawyer

There are many complicated issues to consider, but an qualified premises liability attorney with experience in dog bite cases can help. The attorneys of Oldham and Smith are prepared to speak with you. Call us at (352) 292-1620 or email the firm to speak to one of our lawyers about any questions you have.


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