The Dangers Behind Latex Gloves in the Medical World

In the Showtime original series, Dexter, a Miami forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of egregious criminals he believes to have escaped justice. In the pilot episode of Dexters first season he shows to be disciplined and meticulous about wearing rubber gloves when dealing out vengeance upon these murderous criminals.

Little did we know, in such a case, even the rubber gloves Dexter used may have been as gravely dangerous as he was.


Recent studies have shown that patient examination gloves that are made of natural rubber latex or that have cornstarch powder on them can cause a serious threat to both the patients and the medical professionals that use them.

Allergic reactions to latex pose major risks for serious, harmful threats to patients or healthcare pros exposed to them. The inhalation of the cornstarch powder from the latex can cause anaphylactic shock or acute asthma attacks to those sensitive to latex.

In addition, during surgery, this same cornstarch can cause infection, inflammation, and other injuries as it comes in direct contact with exposed tissue.

Further, safer alternatives, such as powder-free, non-latex gloves, are readily available. In some countries, measures to remove latex gloves from hospitals and doctors offices have saved, some say, thousands of lives and prevented thousands of injuries.


Mass torts occur when a large number of people have been similarly injured by the same negligent acts or the same defective product. Injuries and certainly deaths potentially caused by the use of a latex glove product are one such example. At Oldham & Smith, our mass tort lawyers are experienced in investigations and uncovering critical documents to prove your case.

At Oldham & Smith, our attorneys represent people of all income levels who have been injured by another’s negligence. We cover all expenses until the end of a case, when we are paid a portion of the funds recovered.

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