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Golf Cart Crashes vs. Car Wrecks

One of the dangers of driving a golf cart is that many people don’t think of golf carts as motor vehicles. The inherent dangers with driving one are diminished because of its size and ease of use. Most people assume that nothing could go wrong when buzzing around the neighborhood or golf course. The truth is that not only do dangerous golf cart crashes happen often, when they do occur, injury is also more likely for a variety of reasons.

Golf Cart Accidents More Severe Than Car Wrecks

There are many reasons why golf cart accidents are more severe than car wrecks. Some of these reasons include but are not limited to:

Golf cart accidents are more likely to involve children.

Golf cart accidents are more likely to involve alcohol use.

Golf cart drivers and occupants are less likely to use seat belts.

Golf carts lack many safety features that prevent injury.

Golf Carts Lacking Safety Features

Although cars are allowed to drive on main roads and highways and can operate legally at faster speeds, standard safety features are mandatory in them. The majority of golf carts, as well as other Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or those that are referred to as “low-speed vehicles,” present minimum protection to occupants and drivers. Even though they can legally operate on secondary roads up to 35 miles per hour they lack safety features such as:


Seatbelts (if they have them, passengers typically don’t use them)

Typical car body or roof which offer security

Rollover protection structure (ROP)

Clermont Golf Cart Crash Lawyers

If a driver is negligent, an accident can cause potentially fatal injuries to those involved passengers, pedestrians, and other bystanders. At Oldham & Smith, we are have a solid history of acting on behalf of clients who have been hurt while riding in a golf cart or as a result of golf cart driver negligence.

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