How to Tell if a Hip Replacement is Defective

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which doctors replace the hip joint with a prosthetic or artificial implant. A procedure such as this is generally performed to alleviate the patient from arthritic pain or joint damage resulting from a fractured hip. Generally, hip replacements can last for over 15 years.

Defective Hip Replacements

Unfortunately, the rash of defective hip implants is running rampant and is primarily associated with metal on metal types of joint replacement. Metallic particles can wear off from these hip implants, which inevitably cause debris to float around the hip region. These bits of metal will then attach themselves to muscles, bones, and nerves around the hip. As a result, patients experience tremendous pain, inflammation, difficulty walking, and permanent nerve and tissue damage. In addition to, damages attributed to these types of defective hip implants include fractures to the bones surrounding the hip and dislocation of the ball and socket joints. These occurrences can cause the hip to collapse.

Feeling Pain?

If you are feeling pain in your hip, after replacement, or if you are uncertain about the results of your hip replacement procedure, contact our attorneys who can guide you to a professional who can evaluate your condition and advise you on available options. An x-ray or MRI will help the specialist see whether your hip replacement is properly functioning or is deteriorating. Furthermore, a blood test can help the doctor identify any floating metallic debris. After consulting with the doctor, you and your attorney will have a much better understanding of the condition and what steps can be taken both medically and legally to handle the matter.

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If you feel you may be having a problem with your artificial hip, get the advice of one of our medical malpractice attorneys who can evaluate your case.

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