My Child Was Injured on a Theme Park Ride, What Should I Do?

Theme parks are great places to have fun and create exciting memories for the entire family. But what do you do if your child is injured on a ride? Amusement parks are held to high-standards by federal and state governments. They have a responsibility to provide safe rides to their customers. If someone is injured at a park, there are certain rights and actions available to the individual that can result in compensation.

Gather Evidence

If your child is injured by a negligent amusement park, don’t leave until you’ve followed up by gathering together as much supporting evidence as you can. In case of an injury that requires medical attention, be sure to take care of your child first. In certain cases, you may want to leave one adult behind to speak with management, witnesses and to gather information.

Talk to Management

Immediately speak to the operator of the ride or an amusement park official close by. Tell them to get management and, if the injury is serious, call 911. Larger parks will have medical staff on-site that can care for your child before the ambulance arrives. Even if the injury isn’t serious, it’s important to log a complaint with management for future use in potential court cases. There have been cases of an injury that seemed minor becoming more serious the next day. The park management is obligated to create an incident report no matter the situation.

Talk to Witnesses

Gather as many witnesses to the incident as you can. Eyewitnesses that are not related to you will add credibility to your case. Their version of events will be taken seriously by park officials, the insurance company and any courts because they have no financial interest in the case. Try to get written statements and contact information from all the witnesses to the event.

Take Photographs or Video

Pictures and video speak a thousand words. Having recorded documentation of the accident site will go a long way to proving your claim. If you’re taking photos, be sure the time stamp option is on. Also, try to narrate any video, and establish how the accident occurred and what lead to your injury. Take video or pictures of witnesses, ride operators or park officials associated with the accident. If you think it may help, take a picture or record a video.

As an amusement park visitor, you have rights. It’s the parks obligation to ensure you and your families safety while on their grounds. Contact us anytime at (352) 292-1620.


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