I Broke My Arm Falling Out Of My Car After The Accident-Is It Covered In The Accident Coverage?

When most people have an automobile accident, their thoughts often turn to whether the insurance policy will cover the damages sustained to the vehicle. However, while this is an important aspect of any accident, attention should also be paid to what parts of the policy cover any physical injuries sustained by those inside the vehicles. While there are many different aspects of auto accident coverage, most do contain parts that will cover physical injuries sustained by the driver or passengers.

Personal Injury Protection

Most policies have provisions that cover medical payments and provide personal injury protection, also known as PIP, to drivers and passengers involved in an accident. This coverage pays for treatment of any injuries that the driver and passengers sustain when they are in the car of the policyholder. This applies to any injuries sustained as a result of the accident, including those that occur if a vehicle occupant falls out of the vehicle and breaks an arm or leg. In its broadest terms, personal injury protection will pay for medical treatment, lost wages and the costs associated with any services the injured person normally performs.

Uninsured and Underinsured Protection

Auto accident policies also offer provisions for people who fall victim to drivers who are uninsured or underinsured. This type of protection will reimburse anyone in the vehicle that is hit for their medical bills and any other treatment that may be needed as a result of the accident.

Types of Injuries Covered

The good news for drivers and passengers is that virtually any type of physical injury is covered under auto accident coverage. Whether it’s broken bones, concussions or other injuries, auto accident coverage generally will pay for any medical treatment deemed necessary for recovery. However, some policies do state that all parties riding in the vehicle must have been wearing seat belts and taking normal safety precautions prior to the accident. In some instances, if it is shown seat belts were not being worn at the time of the accident, some companies may attempt to refuse payment. But in most cases, this does not happen.

With so many drivers on the road today, it’s almost inevitable that at some point in everyone’s lives they will be involved in an accident. By taking the time beforehand to have adequate auto accident coverage, any potential problems that may arise in the event of an accident can be avoided.


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