Common Swimming Pool Injuries That Could Have Been Avoided

Regular Types of Swimming Pool Injuries

Summer usually begins with Memorial Day and thus begins the swimming season. However, not everybody will appreciate swimming this season, as various individuals will get to be harmed while in the pool. Below are some of the most well known reasons for swimming pool injuries that you ought to be mindful of in order to keep yourself and your relatives safe.

Drowning’s Happen All Too Often

Between the start of summer at the end of May and the end of summer at Labor Day, many individuals will pass on because they have drowned while swimming in a pool. A fair number of these casualties are kids less than five years old. Just because a pool is rather shallow does not mean a man can’t drown. Tragically, some children have even ended up as drowning casualties while simply playing in wading pools. Make sure that you always watch any young children who are near pools since they are often not aware of their surroundings and are at high risk of falling into the water.

When it comes to adults, the use of alcohol and medication might also add to drowning accidents. Individuals who are excessively inebriated ought to abstain from getting into the water, as doing as so could really increase the impacts of the liquor. Adults also should avoid clowning around and various water games like “chicken” as it is all too easy for someone to sustain a physical injury when being knocked down from another person’s shoulders.

Injuries that regularly Occur

In addition to drowning, various other injuries can occur while swimming in a swimming pool. Some of the most common are:

Head wounds from jumping into water that is too shallow

  • Having fingers, clothing, or jewelry caught in the channels that pump water into the pool
  • Slipping and falling on stairs or ladders when entering and exiting the pool
  • Impacts with remote-controlled items in the water
  • Dangerous exposure to chlorine and other water treatment chemicals
  • Dislocated joints, broken bones, and severe sprains caused by the collapse of an above-ground pool

Overall, it is essential for everybody in the pool to pay special attention to each other with the goal being to keep any injuries from occurring.

How to prevent Swimming Accidents

Swimming pool owners must take all sensible precautionary measures to keep individuals from being harmed. A number of the things a “sensible individual” would be required to do are:

Properly maintaining the pool

  • Enclosing the pool with a wall or fence to limit the access to it
  • Placing cautionary signs warning of possible dangers around a pool
  • Making sure that lifesaving devices are easily accessible
  • Giving satisfactory supervision to young children and non-swimmers
  • Not allowing inebriated visitors access to the pool to swim
  • Properly maintaining and providing adequate lighting to the area around the pool

Visitors often do not ask questions about the safety of a pool. Instead, they expect that their host has already taken all needed safety precautions before the visitors came to swim. Only after an accident or injury has occurred, do they begin to think that the pool owner might have been negligent in the maintenance and safety measures of the pool.

Quickly Get Legal Advice if an Injury Occurs

On the off chance that a family member, a friend, or yourself have been harmed in a swimming pool, then it’s vital for you to contact adequate legal help. The quicker you begin building a case, the more probable it will be that you will win. The important thing to remember after an accident happens is that evidence of an owner’s negligence can vanish rather rapidly after someone is hurt. Therefore, once an injury happens, call a lawyer to advise you of the next steps to take.

Common Swimming Pool Injuries That Could Have Been Avoided


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