Golf Carts Are Not Toys

Golf carts may look like harmless vehicles that will not cause injury. However, golf carts must be operated with the same level of care as a larger vehicle.

Each year, there are over 10,000 trips to the hospital as a result of golf cart accidents. Many of these accidents are due to the negligence of the driver.

When operating a golf cart, it is important to be safe at all times. One wrong move can cause passengers to fall out or the golf cart to turn over. Here are six actions you can take to maintain golf cart safety.

Maintain a Safe Speed

The maximum speed for most golf carts is approximately 12 miles per hour. Although this speed seems slow, a golf cart does not have the stability of heavier vehicles. Driving your golf cart at a slow speed will keep you from hitting other people or objects.

Drive Sober

If you operate a motorized vehicle under the influence, you can face stiff legal consequences. Many people assume there are different laws for operating a golf cart when it comes to consuming alcohol. You should obey the same laws that you would obey in your car.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Golf carts are open air vehicles. It is important to always wear your seatbelt. If you get ejected from the vehicle, you could face serious head injuries.

Turn Slowly

Since golf carts are fun to drive, it can become easy to get overly excited. In this excitement, you may accidentally speed around a corner. Since golf carts do not have doors, excessive speed and corners could cause your passengers to get ejected from the cart. Always turn slowly when you are driving a golf cart.

Drive on Streets

Sidewalks are made strictly for pedestrians. Golf carts should only be driven on streets. Resist the urge to drive in places that would pose a danger to others.

Use Your Horn

Your little golf cart is no match for a larger sized vehicle. When you are driving around the parking lot, use your horn to alert other cars and pedestrians of your presence.

Common accidents can be avoided by driving your golf cart responsibly. By following these tips, you can ensure that your golf cart is a safe mode of transportation for you and your passengers.


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