Top 5 Unusual Injuries Caused By Motorcycle Accidents

The last thing anyone anticipates is being involved in a motorcycle accident, but unfortunately it does happen. Should you be fortunate enough to walk away from a motorcycle accident, there are a number of things to look out for.

High Risks

Motorcycles present riders with a number of unique risks, as driving conditions are much different than those experienced while driving a car. Consider the number of times you have experienced or witnessed a driver of one vehicle, carelessly switch into another lane, while coming dangerously close to coming in contact with another vehicle. When you are also in a vehicle, the impact of another car is going to minimal relative to that of a motorcyclist.

Without the protection of being inside of a vehicle, things that pose minimal threat to the driver of a car may pose a significantly greater threat to the rider of a motorcycle. Road conditions, weather, and other factors are important to consider.

Potential Injuries

There are a number of potential injuries one may experience when involved in a motorcycle accident. It is extremely important to be aware of these risks, as you may need to seek unanticipated medical or legal assistance.

The most serious potential motorcycle accident injury is traumatic brain injury caused by head trauma. Mild to severe brain injury may occur, should the motorcyclist hit their head at some point during an accident. Symptoms may include headaches, vomiting, and loss of coordination.

Spinal injuries and bone fractures are also potential injuries one may experience when involved in a motorcycle accident. With nothing between the rider and the road, the motorcyclists’ body experiences a great deal of trauma. These injuries can often result in permanent damage, including permanent paralysis and nerve damage.

It is vital that riders wear appropriate protective gear when operating a motorcycle, as accidents can also result indisfigurement. Disfigurement can include cosmetic damages, like scarring, to serious repercussions like losing a limb.

Should a motorcyclist be fortunate enough to walk away from an accident without experiencing more serious consequences, they may still experience road rash. Even minor accidents can result in mild to severe cuts, scrapes, and burns.


Motorcycle accidents pose a wide range of threats, therefore it is vital to know what to look out for and when to seek help. If you have been seriously injured due to somebody else’s negligence call (352) 292-1620 or contact us by email


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