Common Auto Accidents In Florida

The Florida economy is vibrant across a wide range industries that are woven into the state system. Of course, where there is intense commercial activity there is also a high volume of highway traffic that is a virtual mosaic of vehicle types. The tourism industry may be the most dominant of influences on activity in Florida, but it is also a major component of the accident rate within the state. When the tourist traffic is combined with local traffic, and recreational and commercial vehicles abound on the highway, auto accidents are going to happen. In all Florida auto accident legal claims, one of the primary court concerns will be fault. The cause of the accident determines who was negligent.

Distracted Driver Accidents

Accidents that are a result of distracted driving may be the number one type of crash, and those types of crashes can vary. Distracted driving can be a component of a minor fender bender as well as a major collision. In addition, in cases of multiple car crashes that possibly include commercial vehicles, several of the drivers may have been distracted while driving. Reasons for being distracted are not limited to technology usage, which is getting much attention currently, but talking to other passengers and handling pets can also be problematic activity in a vehicle. Driving distractions are always enhanced in predominantly tourist states.

Driver Fatigue Accidents

This is another type of accident that is very common in Florida because of tourism and commercial activity. The highways are often as busy during the overnight as they are during peak travel hours in some places, and the state is the end destination for many drivers who have just completed long trips. It is natural that many drivers will be in a rush and willing to drive longer hours. The problem is that driver fatigue becomes a prominent component of many accidents, even when another causation is apparent.

Speeding Accidents

Speeding is also a factor in many accidents, largely because of the hurry-up nature of the highway. The traffic flow speed and the speed limit are not always the same thing on the open road, and the size of competing vehicles in congested traffic creates a more dangerous scenario. Most drivers attempt to flow with the traffic at an increased rate of speed, but the crash rate involving excess speed among involved drivers is very high.

Anyone who is injured in an accident in Florida should consult with an experienced Florida personal injury and auto accident attorney who has solid knowledge of how auto accidents are adjudicated in Florida when specific issues are involved. If you or someone you know has been injured call 352-288-6763 or contact us online for a free consultation today.


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