The Importance Of Routine Maintenance For Jet Ski Safety

Jet ski safety starts before you ever put your craft in a lake or ocean. The ski’s electrical and mechanical systems help ensure your safety on the water, but they need routine care to keep them in tip-top shape. Whether you have a one-person ski or a two-seater, here’s a pre-ski checklist.

Keep safety equipment safe.

Check life jackets and any other safety equipment for wear and problems such as damaged straps or insufficient inflation. Fix or replace any damaged equipment.

Check your oil and fuel.

The last thing you or a friend wants is to be stranded in deep water if the gas runs out or the engine seizes up. Take the time to top off the gas tank or do a quick oil check each time you take the craft out to maximize jet ski safety.

Check your wires and cables.

A faulty or loose wire or cable can be as much of a risk as a gas tank that’s running on empty. Fix any problems — and it’s better to underestimate your skill and pay for a visit to the dealer than risk a re-enactment of the Titanic, jet-ski style.

Keep it clean.

If your jet ski sees a lot of use in the ocean, clean the exterior frequently to prevent corrosion or spotting.

Do yearly maintenance — and keep a record

Change the oil and filter and grease all the seals and bearings every year. Whether you take care of this yourself or have it done at the dealership, keep a record. Not only will you or your mechanic spot problems before they start, you’ll be keeping yourself and your friends safe. And if you ever want to part with the craft, a record of maintenance makes a great selling point.

Read your owner’s manual

Some of the necessary maintenance for a jet ski must be done by the dealer or by a qualified mechanic. Get familiar with your owner’s manual to find out what needs to be done and when so you can be worry-free while on the water.

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