Researching Your Surgeon to Avoid Being the Victim of Surgical Errors

An average of 15,000 to 19,000 medical malpractice suits appear in front of the courts each year. Medical malpractice is a broad subject that covers a wide variety of incidents that occur inside of medical facilities. One of the topics that the term medical malpractice covers is surgical errors. Surgical errors can include working on the wrong organ, operating under unsanitary conditions, or performing surgical procedures that do not improve the patient’s condition. A person should research a potential surgeon before he or she permits the facility to conduct the surgery.

How to Research a Potential Surgeon

A non-emergency patient will most likely receive a card with the surgeon’s name and number on it. The person can use that card to find the surgeon’s website. The patient can search online for additional information on the surgeon, as well. For example, the person may find a site that contains testimonials or reviews of the surgeon by former customers. People will usually take the time to rave about a surgeon who has improved their lives in one way or another. For example, a person with severe back disc problems may praise a surgeon for performing fusion surgery that resulted in the elimination of back pain.

Searching for Malpractice Cases

Another step that the potential patient will want to take is searching for information on malpractice cases. Again, the person can conduct a search engine search that includes the surgeon’s name and the facility for which he or she operates. A prospective patient will want to steer very clear of a surgeon or facility that is involved in a huge medical malpractice case. Some malpractice cases do not make it to the spotlight because the facilities resolve them outside of the court room.

Contact a Malpractice Specialist

The victim of a botched surgical procedure should contact a malpractice specialist immediately. The specialist can help the person to fight for the compensation the victim deserves. The victim will be able to get his or her life back on track with the funds that the attorney can receive from the offending party.

Oldham & Smith are medical malpractice specialists with more than 20 years of experience helping others. The attorneys at the firm have helped people to recover tens of millions of dollars for their medical bills, work losses, pain and suffering. A victim can schedule a free medical malpractice consultation today by calling (352) 292-1620.


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