Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack

Diagnosing and treating heart disease at an early stage is crucial to preventing serious developments like cardiac arrest or sudden death. If you have been misdiagnosed, the following are some facts you ought to know:

Why is a Heart Attack Misdiagnosed?

Your doctor may delay or overlook the diagnosis of your heart condition because they fail to see any symptoms pointing to a heart disease. Some kinds of heart conditions like atherosclerosis (in its early stages) do not exhibit any signs or symptoms. The other reason for the misdiagnosis of a heart attack is when your doctor mistakes the symptoms for those of less serious medical conditions.

What are The Main Conditions that are mistaken For a Heart Attack?

The medical conditions that are mostly mistaken for a heart attack include:

Acid reflux
Heart burn
Gall Stones
Anxiety attack
Musculoskeletal pain

What Rights Do You Have Following a Misdiagnosis of a Heart Attack?

If you have been misdiagnosed of a heart attack, you are entitled to the following compensation:

Medical bills that you will incur now and in the future
Loss of your capacity to enjoy life
Expenses for long term care
Long term disability
Pain and suffering

What to Do Following a Misdiagnosis of a Heart Attack?

When you are sure you have been misdiagnosed of a heart attack, your first step should be to consult a lawyer. Your attorney will consult medical practitioners to determine whether your claim is valid. The process entails reviewing your medical records and other information regarding your health. If your claim is valid, your lawyer will issue a notice of your claim to the doctor who committed malpractice.

What is used to determine a Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack?

There are four elements used to prove a misdiagnosis:

The doctor had an established obligation to you: When you consult a doctor their duty is to attend to you according to the standards of medical practitioners. If they fail to do so, then you can make a claim of misdiagnosis.

The doctor breached their obligation to you: In case your doctor does not offer you proper care, they have not upheld their obligation to you.

The breach of duty resulted in the injury: If the failure of your doctor to provide you with proper care led to your injury. This is normally the hardest thing to prove in cases of misdiagnosis since they are numerous reasons you could experience unprecedented outcomes.

The injury has to impact the quality of your life: If the error renders you incapable of working or providing for your loved ones or leaves you with long term medical treatments the court will determine how much compensation you shall receive.


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