Garbage Truck Lost Its Load

There are certain situations that can present danger, even when you’re least expecting it. For instance, what happens when you’re driving behind a garbage truck, and it loses its load? This might seem far-fetched, but it happens all the time on the road in cities across America. Garbage trucks and other such utility trucks can lose whatever they’re carrying, causing drivers on the road to swerve in order to avoid hitting the debris. When this happens, you have legal rights that you should pursue, and a good lawyer can help you do that.

The duty of care for garbage trucks

Garbage truck operators have a duty of care to protect other people on the road. While accidents do happen, a garbage truck should not lose its load if its operators are doing their jobs properly. In most cases, a truck of this nature will only lose its load when someone has made a mistake or acted negligently. The duty of care for these truck operators is to act as a reasonable person would in their situation. When they fail to do so, they are responsible for any consequences that might ultimately follow.

Paying for property damage

Perhaps the most common thing that can happen when a truck like this loses its load is massive property damage. What if debris hits your vehicle and causes a major dent? What if you are involved in an accident as a result of the truck losing its load? These are all very real scenarios that must be accounted for if you want to be prepared. If you find yourself in this situation and you suffer property damage, then the garbage truck company may be required to compensate you.

Injuries that occur as a result of these issues

A garbage truck losing its load could very easily lead to injuries for you or those riding with you. If this happens, then you may be entitled to certain damages to cover not only your medical costs, but also the time that you spend out of work. The truck company may also be required to compensate you for the pain and suffering that you have gone through as a result of the incident. Good lawyers help their clients think of all of the different ways they have been harmed in these situations. If you find yourself caught up in this sort of ordeal, then you’d be wise to consult with an experienced attorney.


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