Common Injuries From ATV Accidents

ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles, are used for work and play across the country. Farmers checking on their animals, hunters, off road recreation, and even racing are some of the ways ATVs are used. With any type of vehicle though, there are inherent dangers that can cause injury to operators.

Types of accidents

The most common type of injury cases involve the ATV flipping or rolling over. Most ATVs are not designed to hold passengers and are often not stable enough to drive on pavement. If a driver has a passenger that the vehicle is not designed to hold, they may increase the probability of an accident.

The driver and/or passenger can be thrown from or pinned down by the ATV at that time. Children are especially susceptible to injury from these accidents since they often lack the strength and fine motor skills to operate ATVs properly.

Types of injuries

Some of the most serious injuries from ATVs include death, paralysis, and traumatic brain injury or TBI. Traumatic brain injury is a serious injury that can also include symptoms like headache, persistent concussion, memory problems, vertigo, emotional instability and more. Neck injuries, fractures, dislocations, concussion, lacerations, and chest/abdominal injuries are common as well. These injuries are often due to being thrown from the ATV or over/into the handles.

Other causes

ATV accidents may also be caused by a mechanical defect or other manufacture defect. A manufacturing defect is a product that was not made to design specifications and/or uses faulty/subpar materials causing the product to behave or operate in such a way that causes it to malfunction/cause injury etc. Defects in brakes, steering, or other problem can cause the driver to be unable to control the vehicle and avoid obstacles such as trees, fence lines, buildings, or other vehicles to name a few.

If you or a loved one was injured because of a defect that caused an accident you should contact an attorney. Manufactures have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for their consumers and may be held liable for your injuries. Please call (352) 292-1620 or contact us by email to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.


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