Safety Tips for Riding Your Bike in the Florida Streets

There are many different reasons why people ride bikes as opposed to driving vehicles. Some may be environmentally or health conscious; others may not be legally able to drive a vehicle. Whatever the reason, it is important to follow safety tips for riding your bike in the Florida streets.

Common Safety Advice for Bike Riders

One of the most common pieces of safety advice is “Wear a helmet” and “follow the Law.” Since wearing a helmet doesn’t do anything to PREVENT a bike accident and lots of cyclists are killed in vehicular accidents even while wearing helmets, we are going to give some safety tips to keep you from getting in accidents in the first place.

Prevent Accidents

  1. Get a headlight: If you are riding at night, a headlight is an absolute necessity. Even in daylight riding having a light that flashes will make you more visible to motorists who might otherwise not see you. Headlamps mounted on your head or helmet are also beneficial.
  2. Eye contact or waving: Eye contact is a great to ensure that motorists see you. If you can’t make eye contact with motorists, waving your arm should get their attention. Often times an unusual motion like the waving of an arm will catch the attention of a driver that otherwise wouldn’t notice a bike coming straight at them. Keeping an air horn on your bike is also a great way to get their attention, after all cars have horns, why not a much smaller and harder to see bike.
  3. Ride further to the left: Often times the advice bicyclists are told to ride as far right as possible but this opens them up to being injured in several ways. A parked car may open its door unexpectantly and cause an accident, drivers are less likely to pass a bicyclist fully in the other lane, a motorist may not see the bicyclist as they are attempting right hand turns or cars pulling out into traffic. Staying left allows the bicyclist to have a longer reaction time as well since they will see if a vehicle is pulling in front of them.
  4. Ride with traffic: Think of a bike as an unmotorized vehicle. Follow the same traffic laws, including riding in the same direction as other traffic.

Injured in a Bike Accident? Call Oldham & Smith, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

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