Be Careful When Driving During Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is often considered as the last “hurrah” before school shifts into full gear and the seasons change from summer to fall. The holiday weekend draws people out of their homes into public, which means more drivers on the road. The increased number of drivers, when combined with common Labor Day activities, means that there are more dangerous drivers on the road. Here are a few things to watch out for:

1. Impaired Drivers

Many who are celebrating their time off from work and the end of summer will party and partake of intoxicating alcohol and drugs. Too many of these individuals will choose to drive when they have had too much and are too intoxicated to safely operate a motor vehicle. Impaired drivers cannot react appropriately while driving and can cause accidents. For your own protection and the protection of others, be extra cautious while driving and watch for possible impaired drivers (e.g., swerving, reckless driving, delayed reactions). Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

2. Shoppers

The Labor Day holiday has become synonymous with shopping. Many are drawn to stores and dealerships to take advantage of deals and low prices. Some of these sales are for limited periods of time or are limited in number. Because of this, there are more drivers on the road and many drivers are impatient and rushed. When drivers are rushed, they often disregard the safety of others and ignore traffic laws. Make sure to drive defensively to avoid possible accidents involving these rushed and excited drivers. Learn the areas where popular sales are held and if possible, plan to avoid those areas.

3. Drowsy Drivers

The holiday weekend excitement causes many to forego sleep as they try to accomplish as much fun as possible. Unfortunately, some of these drivers will lack the attention necessary to drive safely or may even fall asleep at the wheel. Look out for other drivers who appear to be nodding off or driving in a manner to indicate inattentiveness.

If you happen to be involved in an accident involving a driver who shows the signs mentioned above, contact the Oldham & Smith Law Firm immediately to learn your rights and what actions you can take. The attorneys at Oldham & Smith Law Firm know the law and can explain potential remedies. They can help you hold dangerous drivers responsible. To speak directly with an attorney (352) 292-1620 or fill out our contact form for a Free Consultation today. We offer a trusted reputation and solid record of results.


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