Street Racing: It's Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt

No matter how much time, money, and energy is spent on preventing it, street racing still occurs daily throughout the country. Even driving at regular speeds can be dangerous, but inexperienced racers pushing their cars to the limit will almost always result in serious accidents. For bystanders that have been injured by these races, it is important to get proactive about protecting your health, finances, and future.

Street Racing Laws

Driving laws do change slightly between each state, but most states (including Florida) have strict laws when it comes to street racing. Street racing is defined as two vehicles that are carrying out any form of competitive exhibition on a public road. Many are surprised to hear that being involved in these races in any manner is illegal as well. Those that make bets, help the drivers, or even cheer on the racers can be charged with this crime or a similar crime. When accidents do take place, victims have a number of rights that are designed to protect their health and their finances.

Injuries From Street Races

The injuries from any auto accident can be devastating, but those that come about as a result of street racing are often life-altering or fatal. Due to the high speeds and limited control over the vehicle, victims often experience broken bones, sprains, ripped ligaments, and lacerations. Even worse is the fact that victims can also suffer from brain damage that will follow them for a lifetime. As a result, many of those that are injured will require a lifetime of physical therapy and medication as well as no longer being able to work at the same job. When this takes place, it is vital to contact an experienced attorney.

Creating a Case

These cases can become incredibly complex, and no victim should ever attempt to tackle them on their own. An experienced attorney will be able to collect all of the data, file the correct paperwork, and create and airtight case so that you can receive fair compensation as quickly as possible. The damages that are awarded for these cases will provide victims with money to cover medical bills, missed work, rehabilitation, pain, and suffering. Without professional legal representation, victims might face years of mounting expenses and nowhere to turn for financial help. To speak directly with an attorney call (352) 292-1620 or fill out our contact form for a Free Consultation today. We offer a trusted reputation and solid record of results.


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