Who is Responsible if I was Injured During a Sporting Event?

Everyone loves a good game. Whether it is sitting courtside for the Miami Heat or hoping for a fight while watching the Tampa Bay Lighting, a great sporting event can get your blood pumping. While most people arrive, watch the game, and head home without incident, injuries in the stands are not entirely uncommon.

If you suffered a personal injury at a sporting event, you may be wondering if the stadium is at fault. In some situations, the stadium or track may be liable for your injuries, but in many cases, they are not.

Premise Liability

A property owner may be held responsible for your injury if there was an unsafe condition or defect on the property. The owner is liable if they were negligent in maintaining the premises. However, if the owner maintained their property in a reasonably safe manner, then they are unlikely to be responsible.

Ticket Disclaimers

When we think of sport’s fan injuries, we often think of the baseball that flies into the bleachers or a crash during a Nascar race that sends debris into the stands.

In these types of situations, the tiny print of the back of your ticket ensures that the stadium is not at fault. That legal disclaimer says the property owners warned you that these things could happen and by buying the ticket, you assume the risk of injury from these types of events.

Slip and Fall

Thousands of fans crowded into one place means a lot of drinks are spilled on the ground, creating dangerous walking surfaces. If you fall and hurt yourself on a spill in the stadium, the owners may be liable. Management is required to protect people from this type of injury and has the responsibility to look out for and clean up spills. The exception to this is if management could not have reasonably known about the spill before your fall.

Failed Precautions

Even with ticket disclaimers, stadium owners cannot just leave injuries to chance. Property owners must take precautions to protect against foreseeable injuries. The glass, nets, and fences between the players and fans are stadium owner’s precautions against injuries. If these precautions are not maintained and fail during the game, the stadium might be responsible.

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If you were hurt at a sporting event and need legal advice, contact Oldham & Smith at (352) 292-1620 or online. We are prepared to assist you with your case today.


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