It's Important to Pay Attention to Golf Cart Recalls

With the expansive retirement community in Florida, golf carts are considered a main mode of transportation. For some individuals, their golf cart is how they get around every day – not just on the golf course. Many communities even have golf cart-only roads to ensure residents’ mobility and safety. But whether a golf cart is a fun toy or the primary family vehicle, owners need to be on the lookout for maintenance issues like recalls. Like any other type of vehicle, golf carts can be sold with flaws, some of which may pose a significant safety risk to riders and pedestrians. Injury and even death are possibilities of

Types of Recalls

Golf carts can be recalled for any number of issues. Design and manufacturing defects can lead to flawed and dangerous components. A design defect means every golf cart of that specification will have the same flaw. It is the intended plan for that vehicle that makes it unsafe.

A manufacturing defect means something went wrong in the creation of a part or the assembly of the cart. The flaw will not be in every golf cart of the same design, but instead only in a certain number. Manufacturing defects can affect one vehicle alone or thousands.

There is also a third, less heard of defect, known as a failure to warn. In some golf carts, there may be a risk of a hazard that is not immediately apparent to the user. When this is the case, the manufacturer and seller are required to warn consumers about this danger and how to avoid it.

Recent Recalls

In March, Hardkore Karts recalled 34 Club Car Precedent golf carts, model year 2009-2013, that come with the street package. These vehicles were manufactured between July 1, 2013 and November 1, 2016.

None of the 34 vehicles comply with the law as they do not have vehicle identification numbers, certification labels, or Department of Transportation compliant windshields. The noncompliant windshields present a danger to riders as they are not made of safety glass and increase the risk of an injury to a rider in the event of a crash.

Last November, Club Car recalled multiple 2014-2016 Precedent models due to the risk of fire. About 11,600 golf cars had improperly installed hose clamps that could rub a hole in fuel tank, causing a fuel leak and potential fire hazard. There were multiple instances of the clamp rubbing the fuel tank, but no fires or injuries were reported.

Contact a Legal Representative

If you were hurt because of a defect in your golf car, contact Oldham & Smith at (352) 292-1620 to learn more about who may be responsible and how you can recover.


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