Tips to Avoid Sun Glare Auto Accidents

Florida residents are no stranger to the sun. In fact, it is the sunny weather that attracts so many people to the state. Warm weather and clear skies are the recipe for a happy day. But when the sun gets in your eyes, it can become your enemy – particularly when you are driving. Sun glare is no joke, and it increases the risk of a car accident and personal injury

How Sun Glare Raises the Risk of a Crash

Being able to watch the road ahead and what other cars are doing is crucial to safely navigating any roadway. When the sun is in a driver’s eyes or causes a glare, the driver cannot properly see the road. It causes an obstructed view. Sun glare is even worse on dirty windshields or when a light-colored dashboard enhances the reflection.  

Sun glare increases the chance that a driver does not see the car in front of them brake or see a pedestrian walk into the road. By the time the driver is able to see what is happening, it may be too late to avoid a collision.

It may be particularly bad if a driver is heading east in the morning and west at night because they are driving toward the sun. Conversely, it can be just as bad heading away from the sun because it obstructs the view in your rearview mirror.

Minimizing the Risk of Sun Glare Accidents

It is impossible to never be affected by the bright sun while driving, but there are many ways to deal with the issue and drive safely. Steps to protect yourself from sun glare collisions include:

  • Cleaning the windshield inside and out
  • Wearing polarized sunglasses
  • Utilizing the car’s visor
  • Reducing your speed
  • Leaving additional space between you and other cars
  • Taking an alternative route

If the glare is particularly bad and you cannot see directly in front of the car, you should pull over. It is better to wait for the sun to change position slightly than to continue to put yourself and other drivers and pedestrians in harm’s way.

A Duty of Care

Every driver on the road has a duty of care towards others. This means you are required to act in a reasonable manner, not behave negligently or reckless, and to take steps to reduce the sun’s effect on you.

You are entirely responsible for any accident you cause while the sun is in your eyes.  

Contact a Legal Representative

If you were hurt in a sun glare-related accident, contact Oldham & Smith at (352) 292-1620 to schedule a free consultation.


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