Prevent Children's Injuries

As children celebrate their freedom, parents have to keep in mind that Fall can be a dangerous time. With kids running, biking, and playing all around the neighborhood and friend’s houses, it is possible for them to encounter hazards that could lead to serious injuries that require hospitalization and expensive treatment. If your child is hurt in an accident this Fall, call theTavares children’s injuries attorneys of Oldham & Smith to learn how you may be able to recover.

Common Dangers For Children

Fall can be a dangerous time because children face danger in places you might not expect. Common places and activities that lead to childhood injuries include:

  • Playground Falls or Falls from Other Places: A significant number of children break bones and suffer traumatic brain injuries from falls. They can fall from high jungle gym equipment and windows. Parents often do not have screens on windows or locks to stop them from opening all the way. If you have windows you like to leave open, make sure they are secure and a child cannot get them open and climb out. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the No. 1cause of non-fatal injuries for children and teens.
  • Water: When it is hot, children want to be in the water. The beach of a lake or the ocean, a friend’s pool, or even a public pool all present a drowning risk. Young children who cannot swim should always have a life jacket or adult with them. Older children who can swim should still only play in water that has lifeguards or an adult supervising. It only takes a few inches of water and a few minutes without supervision to create a drowning risk, which is why drownings are aleading cause of death in children younger than 14, the CDC reported.
  • Bikes: Children’s main modes of transportation on Fall days include bikes and scooters. Even without these being motorized, they create numerous risks. They can gain quite a bit of speed going downhill, children may try to ride them in traffic, and if kids fall without wearing helmet, they could suffer a head injury. Make sure your children understand the safe routes to ride and streets that are off-limits. Also, make sure they have a properly fitting helmet they wear whenever on their bike or scooter.
  • Trampolines: In recent years, large trampolines have become popular backyard elements. However, children left unsupervised on a trampoline could end up with broken bones, concussions, and serious, debilitating injuries. If you have a trampoline, make sure to buy a safety net for around it and have an adult supervise when the kids are playing on it.
  • Toys guns: Many parents buy their older children pellet, airsoft, and paintball guns. However, if children are not taught proper safety and there is not an adult supervising, these toy guns often lead to injuries – especially eye injuries.
  • Fires: Bonfires are fairly common on cooler Fall nights and everyone loves grilling out. But fires without adult supervision can lead to children suffering burns. If you have a fire pit, campfire, or grill going, never leave children alone around it. The CDC states that every day more than 300 children are treated in the emergency room forburn-related injuries.

We are here to help

If you believe someone else’s carelessness or negligence is responsible for your child being hurt, contact us and give Oldham & Smith a call at (352) 292-1620. We are eager to assist you with your case in Tavares, The Villages, Clermont, Mt. Dora, and Leesburg, Florida.


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