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Safety Tips That Work In A Car And A Golf Cart

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a golf cart or an automobile you should use the same safety tips. There’s not a lot of difference between either vehicles. If the driver is not responsible they can cause accidents that may lead to serious injuries. In the following blog we discuss a few tips that you can use whether you are driving a golf cart or driving a car.

Safety tips to remember when driving

  1. Wear your seat belts

    Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, strapping yourself in is a big part of vehicle safety. It may not seem like a lot of sense to buckle up in a golf cart since you will be exiting the vehicle frequently but accidents can happen at the most unpredictable times. Be smart and buckle up.

  2. Slow down when turning

    One bad habit that is usually developed when driving cars is accelerating through turns. We don’t think much of it because we have a door to keep us inside of a vehicle, but it is best to slow down when turning. If your vision is inhibited because of the sharpness of the turn, or there is something blocking your view, slowing down can help you prepare for a sudden stop. It is always best to do this when driving a golf cart because you avoid the risk of throwing someone out of the vehicle.

  3. Don’t drink while driving

    This is a tip that shouldn’t need mentioning, but as long as people choose to drive while drinking, it needs to be said. At no time is it ever a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car while drinking. The odds are high that you will be unable to operate the vehicle responsibly, and this can lead to someone losing is or her life. It may seem safer to drive a golf cart while drinking, but it is no more safe than getting behind the wheel of a car. If you tip the golf cart, or reach a fast enough speed, someone could be seriously hurt.

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