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Texting While Driving - New Florida Law

If you've received a warning under Florida's Texting While Driving law, consider yourself lucky. That's because the grace period's over. The law actually went into effect on July 1st and the handheld ban in school and construction zones filed on October 1st. But many law enforcement agencies cut drivers some slack with a 6 month break-in period issuing warnings rather than tickets. Now, time's up. It might also surprise you to know that new law applies to some golf carts but not all. That's because there are traditional golf carts and then there are LSVs, or low speed vehicles. They may look similar but from a statute standpoint, they are night and day. While golf carts are designed strictly for courses and recreational spaces, LSVs can legally travel on some streets but must follow all the rules of the road. That means a license, registration, insurance, and now, the No Texting While Driving law. If you are hit by someone who was texting while driving in the Orlando area whether its car, truck, or even a low speed vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. So call a personal injury firm that will fight to get you justice. Call Oldham & Smith Attorneys At Law at (352)-292-620 or visit