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Golf Cart Accidents on the Rise

Golf carts are no longer used just on the golf course. In The Villages alone, there are an estimated 50,000 golf carts, and for many residents, their cart is their primary mode of neighborhood transportation. With more carts on the roads, the likelihood of an accident rises dramatically. According to some residents of The Villages, cart crashes, accidents, and injuries occur almost daily. Attorney Gregory Smith weighs in on these crashes. He says: When golf carts share the busy roadways with other carts, cars, and pedestrians, many drivers and riders can suffer serious injuries as a result of accidents with motor vehicles. As an example, if a motorist fails to stop or give the right of way, a crash can result and an unprotected occupant can be ejected and strike the pavement." If you've been in a golf cart accident or suffered a golf cart injury, you will want an experienced attorney fighting for your rights. You may be entitled to damages like payment of medical bills and lost wages paid by the owner of the golf cart or your own insurance company. Oldham & Smith offers trusted, strategic counsel to help their clients seek the maximum financial compensation they deserve. Let them help you move forward.