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Golf Cart Usage Off the Course

Back in the day, golf carts served one purpose- to get you from tee to green, a real energy saver, especially if your Game included covering a lot of the course! These days you see them off the course too, especially in retirement communities. They are less expensive than cars and because they are slower, they're more compatible with traveling alongside pedestrians and bicyclists. And while they may be more appealing than cars, they are also more dangerous.With open frames and no airbags a 20 mile and hour collision between golf carts can be far worse than a 50 mile and hour crash between two cars! In communities or on courses, golf carts sharing a path with pedestrians and other carts can spell disaster. So who's responsible when a golf cart operator hits someone or something? Florida law says- it's the *owner* of the cart. And it doesn't matter whether you're on a private pathway or a public road. If you're involved in a golf cart accident, you need to do two things right away: collect evidence, like photos, statements and police reports, AND call a skilled attorney with a long and successful track record , handling golf cart accidents: call oldham and smith attorneys at law.