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Golf Cart Use on the Rise

You've traded in your car for a golf cart. After all, in The Villages, it's the most convenient mode of transportation. You can drive your cart to the movie theater, the doctor's office or even the supermarket. But have you ever thought about your safety? Attorney Gregory Smith of Oldham & Smith says: "Due to their popularity, parking lots in The Villages have designated spots for golf carts. Even with over 50,000 golf carts, seat belts are still a rarity. Last year a cart collision cost a Villager his life when he was thrown from the vehicle after a crash." According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 17,000 golf cart crashes requiring a hospital visit occur nationwide every year. If you've been in a crash, you'll want an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for your rights. Oldham & Smith offers trusted, strategic counsel to help their clients seek the maximum financial compensation they deserve.