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Trike Laws and Your Safety

Feel like a third wheel? If you're out on the town it can be awkward, but if you're thinking about buying a trike, a 3-wheeled motorcycle, it might just be the perfect fit. Especially if you have strength, mobility, or balance issues. If you do decide to hit the open road on a trike, you will likely need some type of training and endorsement depending on where your trip takes you. In Florida, a motorcycle endorsement will allow you to ride a trike but you can also take a trike-only course which allows you to ride both 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles. But remember, whether you're on 2 wheels or 3, the odds are still against you if you collide with a car. There are no air bags, no seat belts and no surrounding steel to take the brunt of the impact. If you need more information on motorcycle law or if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Oldham and Smith. Their legal team has decades of experience navigating motorcycle and trike law. Schedule your free consultation today!