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Plane crash in Florida grocery store injures five

Imagine going to the grocery store on an average night. As you stroll past the meat department, a wall of fire explodes through the roof. It might sound like a bad dream, but it was a reality for some Florida shoppers last week.

Three customers in a Deland grocery store suffered personal injuries after an airplane crashed into the Publix store last week. One of the injured was a 20-year-old Stetson University student, according to reports. In addition to those injured in the store, two people aboard the plane also sustained injuries.

The plane that crashed into the store was described as a small experimental vehicle. Law enforcement investigators and firefighters were planning to examine the damage. A thorough investigation of the causes of the crash is planned as well. They believe the plane entered the building through the roof of the meat section of the store, sending both customers and staff scattering.

Reports attributed the plane crash to mechanical problems. The people aboard the plane were sent to a hospital in Orlando. Two other injured customers were treated for their injuries at Florida Hospital Deland, but were to be released shortly thereafter.

The injured student’s injuries, however, were more serious. When he felt the fire singe the hairs on his arms, he saw that his leg was on fire. The explosion ultimately caused serious burns to the man’s legs. His father told reporters that his son literally said, “I am on fire, somebody help me.” Emergency personnel did what they could for him at the scene, and then rushed him by air to a hospital in Orlando. He’s expected to be okay in the long run.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “20-year-old Tampa man injured when plane hits DeLand Publix,” April 4, 2012