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Community Involvement

At Oldham & Smith, we care deeply about Tavares and the rest of our community. Not only do we help Lake County residents in the courtroom, but we also help the less fortunate around us.

Each attorney at our firm has spent much of their life in central Florida, and some of our lawyers are lifelong Lake County residents. We see our clients as friends and neighbors, and we do everything in our power to help our friends and neighbors every day. Here are some causes that are near and dear to our hearts:

Student Hunger

In Central Florida, 1 in 4 children is at risk of going to bed hungry. A student’s nutrition can impact their ability to learn and perform in school. As such, our firm focuses on ending student hunger and partners with local organizations to make sure our students are fed.

Mental Health

Approximately 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness each year, and 50% of lifetime mental illnesses begin by age 14. We understand the effects mental health conditions can have on those around us, and we partner with local mental health charities to help.

We also see firsthand how trauma from car crashes and other accidents can negatively impact the mental health of our clients and others in our community. As such, we have an opportunity to educate those closest to us on relevant mental illnesses and available treatment options – and get them the compensation they need to access mental health care.

Our firm helps clients get back on their feet after an injury, in every way possible. We also donate to mental health organizations across the state and nation.

Boys & Girls Club

Oldham & Smith supports the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida. Like the Boys & Girls Club, we believe every child has the potential to do great things and deserves an opportunity to do so. That’s why we help promote academic support, extracurricular opportunities, and positive adult rule models for children in low-income households in Central Florida.

Together, we can break the cycle of poverty in our community.