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Defective Automobile Claims
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As a consumer, you should expect that the car you purchase is safe and that each part is fully functional. A defective automobile part or another car defect can result in a catastrophic accident, resulting in serious injury or wrongful death.

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Consumer Rights in an Automobile Accident Claim

Automobile parts and automobile design generally should be able to withstand certain amounts of impact in the event of an accident. If an automobile part fails, or if a poorly designed vehicle fails to withstand an accident, passengers become the victims of negligence. Our firm knows how to hold manufacturers, distributors, and others accountable for car defects. We have the technical knowledge, legal skill, and commitment to clients to tackle any defective product case.

Immediate Investigations to Protect Your Rights

Immediately after an accident, we will begin an intensive investigation to collect all necessary evidence for your case and claim, including accident reports, manufacturer research and documentation, witness statements, and physical evidence. The sooner we are involved after the accident, the better prepared we will be to take your case to trial, especially when dealing with large insurance carriers and corporate giants in the automobile industry. Our attorneys are experienced in complex litigation, have handled thousands of claims, and have tried hundreds of cases.

We can assert your rights in any injury case involving:

  • Car defects

  • Brake failures

  • Airbag injuries

  • Car part recalls

  • Injuries to children

  • Faulty maintenance

  • Defective tires/tire failures

  • SUV and automobile rollovers

Experienced Advocates & Trial Attorneys

Our attorneys know how to quickly assess a case to determine if there was a contributing cause to the accident, including a defective part. We will provide you with honest, forthright advice as well as reasonable expectations for the outcome of your case. At every stage, you can trust that we will remain available to answer any questions that you may have. It is important to consult with an attorney before making any agreements or settlements with your insurance carrier. We can properly evaluate the strength of your case and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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