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When you purchase a product, you should be able to use it with the expectation that it will not harm you or your loved ones. Unfortunately, countless individuals throughout Florida are injured each year by defective products such as faulty kitchen appliances, flawed prescription drugs, and more. These individuals can file products liability lawsuits to pursue compensation for their losses.

At Oldham & Smith, our product liability attorneys in Lake County have been representing individuals harmed by defective products since 1989. As a result, we have a long track record of success and an in-depth understanding of Florida personal injury law. Our team of legal professionals can proficiently guide you throughout every stage of the claims process and fight for the compensation you deserve. You can trust us for the strong representation you need.

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About Product Liability Law in Florida

You have four years from the date that you discovered (or should have discovered) the effects of the defective product to file a product liability lawsuit. However, if the product that harmed you has an expected lifespan of 10 years and you were injured more than 12 years after the product’s delivery, you may be unable to file a claim. If your loved one was killed by a defective product, you have two years from the date of their death to file a lawsuit.

Furthermore, Florida’s pure comparative negligence rule means that your compensation will be determined by your proportion of fault. For example, if you were found to be 30% at fault for the accident and the initial award was $100,000, your final award may be reduced by $30,000. To prove that the defendant is liable for your losses, we need to show that the product had one of three defects.

The defective product needs to have a:

  • Design defect

  • Marketing defect

  • Manufacturing defect

Our Lake County product liability lawyers can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation.