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Recreational activities involving boats and jet skis can be a lot of fun – but they also require a lot of care and safety precautions to maintain the well-being of participants as well as bystanders. When an accident on the water or off-road occurs, victims could suffer serious and catastrophic injuries, including wrongful death.

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Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Knowing what the causes of a boat accident are can help you to better avoid them. Below are three common reasons why boat accidents occur, and what you can do to prevent these being a reason you find yourself involved in a boat accident.

Three common causes of boating accidents:

  • Inexperienced boat drivers - Florida law requires you to be over the age of 14 to drive a boat. If you were born on or after January 1, 1988, you have to pass a boating safety education class. These loose requirements mean that many boat operators lack experience and confidence when it comes to navigating waterways. If you lack experience, you can take additional boating safety education classes to ensure you have both the skill and experience needed to properly and efficiently operate a boat.

  • Alcohol - Just like driving under the influence, drinking and operating a boat is illegal under federal law. Avoid drinking prior to and while boating, and report any boaters you think may be under the influence while you are boating to the proper authorities. Drunk boat operators and passengers are also at increased risk of falling overboard and being unable to get the assistance they need. As such, it may be best just to avoid alcohol altogether while boating.

  • Equipment failure - If you are a boat owner, it is your responsibility to perform routine maintenance checks on your boat. If a vessel is improperly inspected, this negligence can result in serious accidents. To ensure safe, worry-free boating, regularly check the engine, steering, rescue capacity, communication system, and navigational lights. Keeping up with routine maintenance and having repairs made to your boat are the best ways to ensure equipment does not fail on your boat.

Immediate Investigations & Strategic Advocacy

Before resolving any case with an insurance carrier or settling your claim, it is critical to know the full value of your case, determine the cause of the accident, and identify all responsible parties. We will initiate an immediate investigation to collect and preserve evidence for your claim. Our attorneys will consult with experts, contact witnesses, and review police reports and medical documentation to begin building your case. It is important to take this action immediately to achieve favorable results after an accident.

At Oldham & Smith, we are experienced with claims involving:

  • Boating under the influence accidents

  • Injuries to children

  • Personal watercraft accidents

  • Jet ski accidents

Serious Injuries to Children

Too often in boating accidents, victims are children who suffer devastating injuries that permanently affect their development. We take every legal action necessary to pursue fair compensation for future care needs, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Our firm has handled cases involving children resulting in broken bones, head and neck injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, amputation, drowning, and wrongful death.

Drunk Driving Accidents

It is not uncommon for boat or jet ski accidents to be caused by a drunk driver. If you or someone you love was injured while on a boat or while participating in a recreational activity, our Lake County boating accident attorneys will immediately investigate your case to determine if alcohol was a cause. We will identify all responsible and negligent parties, including parents who may have provided alcohol, bar or restaurant owners who negligently served it, and any persons consuming alcohol while driving a boat or jet ski.

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Boating accidents can have devastating impacts on those involved. If you or a loved one have been the victim of an injury caused by another's negligent behavior, contact our boating accident attorneys serving Lake County. We have a deep knowledge of Florida law and can advise you of the proper next steps to be taken. Our team can assist you with each step of the claims process from gathering important documentation to ensuring that deadlines are met. The statute of limitations for personal injuries in Florida is four years. While the statute of limitations grants a long period in which to file your claim, don't hesitate to speak with our boating attorneys about your opportunities for recovery today.

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