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Medical devices play a vital role in healthcare, maintaining and improving patients’ health. Whether you have a pacemaker, heart valve implant, insulin pump, or anything else, you rely on your medical device to work properly and not a malfunction. Even a slight malfunction can have devastating effects on your health and potentially even cause death.

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About Defective Medical Devices

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States approves medical devices for consumer use if the devices pass certain standards. These standards are generally rigorous, yet countless defective medical devices make their way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers each year. These types of devices can malfunction and cause severe health complications, thereby leading to expensive hospital bills, lost wages, disability-related expenses, and more. Through the legal system, you can hold all negligent parties accountable, which may include the device’s manufacturer, distributor, and others.

Common defective medical devices include the following, and more:

  • Knee replacement and hip implant parts

  • Heart valve implants

  • Breast implants

  • Pacemakers

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