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Car Accident Claims

No matter what type of car accident you were involved in — a minor accident, a high-speed collision, or something in between — the issues can seriously affect your life and your loved ones. Car damage, financial distress, and physical injuries can all be very challenging.

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Car Accident Stats for Florida

In 2018, there were 33,654 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States and 36,560 people died. A total of 2,915 of those crashes and 3,133 of those deaths occurred in Florida. California and Texas were the only states that saw more fatal accidents.

Most Florida traffic fatalities affected passenger vehicle occupants, but pedestrians were also killed at an alarming rate. About 32% of accidents involved car occupants and 22% of accidents involved pedestrians. Motorcyclists accounted for 18% of fatalities. Sadly, alcohol was a factor in 59% of accidents.

Types of Car Accident Claims We Handle

Attorneys from our firm have represented thousands of clients and tried hundreds of cases all over the state. Our legal team will aggressively pursue compensation for all aspects of your claim, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and, in cases of life-altering injuries, long-term care needs.

We are experienced with automobile accidents involving:

We represent clients who have suffered any kind of injury, from broken bones and bruises to brain and spinal cord injuries and wrongful death.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Even drivers and passengers who survive car accidents are often left with serious injuries. In car accidents, vehicle occupants can be affected by 2 types of injuries: impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries occur when someone’s body collides with the interior of the vehicle and penetrating injuries happen when broken glass or car parts pierce the skin. Both types of injuries are very serious.

Overall, common car accident injuries include:

  • Soft tissue injuries (sprains and strains)

  • Whiplash

  • Back and neck injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Head injuries

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Cuts and lacerations

  • Bruises and contusions

  • Fractures

  • Chest injuries and broken ribs

  • Internal organ damage

  • Arm and leg injuries and amputations

  • Burn injuries

  • And more

If you sustain any of the injuries above in a car accident, call our Lake County car accident lawyers for assistance.

What To Do After an Accident

Once you leave the scene of the accident, there are several steps you need to take. If you haven’t already, seek medical attention. You can schedule an appointment with your doctor, but some medical professionals prefer not to treat trauma patients, so the best course of action is to visit urgent care or the emergency room as soon as you can after your crash.

Afterward, of course, you will have to deal with insurance companies. We recommend consulting with a lawyer before you begin speaking to insurance adjusters.

Anytime you are in an accident, take pictures of your vehicle and any injuries you sustain. You may also want to write down everything you remember while it is still fresh. If you weren’t transported from the scene, you can also take pictures of the crash and exchange contact information with the other parties and any witnesses. Always call the police and never leave the scene of an accident until officers give you permission.

Whose Insurance Do You Call?

Once you feel comfortable with the details of your claim and have the legal advice you need to get started, you will need to call insurance companies. Even if you don’t want to file a claim against your policy, you need to let your insurance company know about any accident you are involved in.

Sometimes, your insurer will want to pay your claim directly and deal with the other driver’s insurance company separately. More often than not, however, the injured party deals with the at-fault driver’s insurance company directly.

Usually, you will need to file claims with both insurance policies and negotiate with the help of an attorney to get the compensation you are entitled to.

Give us a call to get started on your case.

Under-insured & Uninsured Motorist Claims

If you have been involved in an accident where another driver was under-insured or uninsured, our attorneys will explore every opportunity for recovery, including your own insurance company. Many passengers and drivers involved in automobile accidents do not realize that they may have additional coverage on their own insurance policies. Our attorneys will investigate the facts closely and assert your claim for the coverage you deserve.

I-75, I-95, I-4 Corridor, & the Florida Turnpike Accidents

Our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of accident claims from minor crashes in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and other cities to high-speed crashes on the Interstate or the Florida Turnpike.

We will initiate an immediate investigation to collect and preserve all necessary evidence to build your case, including accident reports, police statements, witness statements, and hospital documentation. This will enable us to assert all aspects of your claim, including property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and any adaptive equipment you may need. The sooner we get involved, the greater likelihood of maximizing your recovery. Give us a call to get started on your case.