My Car Was Hit By A Golf Ball; Is The Club Liable?

Usually, when people are talking about golf balls hitting cars, they’re referring to hail, like the golf ball sized hail, which assailed Brisbane in a super cell storm in November of 2014. The storm reportedly hurt 39 people, sending 12 of them to the hospital. The government actually deployed military to help clean up the damage, which was estimated to have been upwards of $100 million. While actual golf balls may not cause as extensive damage, they can still harm your car. This means you could be stuck with a pretty penny at the dealership for repairs. But who is at fault?

Golf Balls Cause Damage

If you’ve ever been driving down a freeway and hear a loud crack, you know what happens next. First you see a tiny star-shaped speck in your windshield, and within hours, a crack spreads across the length of your windshield before you even have a chance to call the repair shop. If tiny pebbles can do that much damage, think about what a golf ball can do. Golf balls can cause considerable and expensive damage to cars, including windshield damage and substantial dents.

Who is at Fault?

This question could be answered in a variety of ways depending on what actually happened and where. Premises liability means having a reasonable expectation that they will not be injured while on your property. This legislation requires businesses to keep their property and facilities in proper condition so customers are not injured because of negligence.

Where was the golf ball?

If you were driving your car on the road nearby the golf course property and a golf ball hit your car, causing damage, it’s likely that the club would no more be at fault than a baseball stadium would be if a fly ball broke a window. But if your car was parked on the property of the club, circumstances might be different. It might also matter if a specific event occurred which cause more golf balls than usual to be hurled in the direction of the lot where your car was parked.

Clermont Car Accident Attorney

If your car was hit and damaged by a golf ball, it’s important to talk to an experienced car accident attorney who understands all of the intricacies that might affect your case. Call Oldham and Smith at 1-800-877-5895 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.


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