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Golf Carts and Insurance Claims

Although it may not be your main manner of transportation, your golf cart sure can get you around: on the golf course, through your neighborhood and your own property. In some cases, your golf cart may even get you around town on city streets. Since you use your golf cart for transportation, you should probably make sure you have proper insurance on it. But just how should you insure your golf cart? Should you purchase car insurance or add an inexpensive rider to your homeowner’s insurance? Is it already covered under your existing policies? Are you asking the right questions?

Golf Cart or Low-speed Vehicle?

The first question you need to answer is whether what you own is a golf cart or a low-speed vehicle (LSV). What’s the difference?

Golf carts are factory-made motor vehicles intended for use on golf courses for sports and recreation. Golf carts should not exceed 20 miles per hour in speed. Sometimes golf carts are permitted on roads but typically only in specifically designated areas with signs posted. Most golf carts lack safety features like roll bars, seatbelts and safety windshields, so areas of travel are restricted for the safety of drivers.

Low-speed Vehicles areany four-wheeled electric vehicles with a maximum speed between 20 miles per hour and 25 miles per hour. Local jurisdictions typically limit the roads where LSVs are permitted to operate. These roads may not have speed limits greater than 35 miles per hour. LSVs also come furnished with many standard safety features of a car.

Homeowner’s Insurance or Car Insurance?

Many golf cart owners assume their vehicle is covered by their Homeowner’s policy. In fact, there are inexpensive riders (provisions of insurance policies that can be purchased separately from basic policies, which provide added advantages at additional expense) that can be added to existing policies. These don’t protect you from accidents on the road. If you have an LSV, only car insurance will fully protect the owner.

Clermont Golf Cart Insurance Claims Lawyers

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