My Teenager Was In A Crash While Driving Our Golf Cart

Studies show that nearly half (approximately 40%) of golf cart accidents involve kids. In fact the highest rates injuries related to golf cart incidents occur in boys aged 10 to 19-year-old. Children might think of golf carts like toys and are often the culprits of races, sometimes even down city streets. When a larger vehicle hits a golf cart, the occupants are often thrown from the vehicle, which can result in traumatic brain injuries, among others.

There are many, many cases listed by The Center For Disease Control and Prevention where children were airborne after their golf cart collided with a parked vehicle or when the golf cart overturned. Kids are often severely injured in golf cart accidents since these kinds of recreational vehicles are extremely limited in their safety features.

Golf Carts and Teenagers

Technically a child is considered a teenager around the age of 13, but this does not mean they are adults or that they have permission to operate a motor vehicle, even if it is a golf cart. Most states require golf cart drivers be at least 16 years of age, just like cars. And even if that teenager is legally driving the golf cart because they are 16 or over, they are still legally considered children. Many parents feel younger teenagers are capable of handling the vehicles, since they are small and so easy to maneuver, and children under 15 are often allowed to operate them.

Injuries More Common In Children

Injuries as a result of an accident involving a golf cart are more likely in children because of their size. It’s much easier for a child to be catapulted from a golf cart in an accident because they weigh so little. Complicating this issue is the fact that seat belts are very rarely installed in golf carts, and even if they are it is rare that people use them to secure themselves in the vehicle.

Tavares Golf Cart Injury Lawyer

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