Bar Security Threw Me Out Of The Bar And I Got Hit By A Car

Working in private security can, without a doubt, be a dangerous job especially when the job requires dealing with patrons who have been drinking. Security personnel are constantly being put in dangerous situations with unruly customers and are in many cases forced to make fast decisions in unique situations. While this is true, this does not mean security personnel are above the law.

Take for example the story of Sidney Phillips, a 31-year-old club bouncer in Boston, Massachusetts. As reported by CBS Local, Phillips was charged with Assault & Battery after one customer videotaped him kicking and stomping a patron he had ejected from the club. Putting a citizen in physical danger either directly or indirectly is a serious matter can have serious consequences.

Do I still have rights if I have been drinking?

Having a position of authority in any situation bears inherent responsibility. Private security personnel are not the same as law enforcement professionals, and as such have the same status as any private citizen. While security does have the right to remove someone from their establishment they must be careful to not put someone in danger while doing so. Just because you have consumed alcohol does not mean that you have given up your rights.

Additionally, forcing someone into a position that can clearly cause them harm places the burden of that decision on everyone involved, not just the victim. Any establishment who employs a security staff should train that staff on how to appropriately handle potentially dangerous situations. In some situations ownership may be encouraging employees to be overly aggressive to the point of breaking the law.

Nobody wants to be in the situation where to no fault of their own they have been injured causing unwanted medical bills or loss of work and knowing how to seek restitution in these types of situations is complicated. Seeking the advice of a professional will give the best chance for a positive outcome.

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