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Safety Tips For Driving Golf Carts

Do you play golf? Do you drive a golf cart to get around from hole to hole? Perhaps you vacation in a beautiful place where there aren’t any cars allowed — only golf carts to get around. No matter your current situation — and whether you are a pro or novice at driving golf carts — you need to follow safety precautions to make sure you do not get injured accidentally in the process.

Did you know that according to the Center for Injury Research Policy, there were an estimated 148,000 injuries related to golf carts between 1990 and 2006? Without following proper safety tips, that number is only on the rise. Follow our guide of quick safety tips for driving golf carts:

Tip #1: Drive Slowly

It seems so simple, but it’s the most important safety tip that you can remember. If you want to avoid injury while driving a golf cart, then do not drive fast. A golf cart is road ready and can go up to 35 mph, but you don’t need to operate it at that level. This is especially true if you are driving the cart on slopes or hills. Go very slowly over slopes and hills, as the carts have a tendency to topple over at high speeds. Take it slow. Watch where you are going. Obey traffic laws at your course or on your vacation island.

Tip #2: Know Where to Stop

If you are driving a cart on a course, make sure you stop the cart behind a golfer that is hitting. This avoids injury to you and the cart by flyaway balls. Don’t take off while someone is hitting a ball or setting up a shot to avoid startling them and creating a situation where a ball could fly away.

Tip #3: Put on the Brake

Many golf cart injuries and accidents happen when a driver forgets to put on the brake. When you stop, make sure you put the brake on. Also, watch out on the road so that you do not have to brake too quickly — sending you and/or your passengers flying from the open-air cart.

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