A Faulty Trailer Hitch Caused My Boat To Fall Off And Cause An Accident

Accidents can happen anywhere, any time. I know this for a fact because it recently happened to me. I had spent a very pleasant afternoon, boating and fishing on the lake, and was just pulling out to head home, when my day turned very nasty indeed.

As I was pulling out on the highway, a faulty trailer hitch caused my boat to cut loose. It quickly sped off my trailer, straight into the path of a following car. You can guess what happened next.

You’re Entitled To Legal Representation For Your Claim

If you have also been the victim of an accident caused by malfunctioning equipment or faulty auto parts, please be aware that you are definitely entitled to legal representation for your claim. You don’t have to accept a less than equitable settlement from your insurance company, or be bullied into paying fines that you don’t deserve to be saddled with.

Never Accept Less Than You’re Owed

Believe me when I say that the insurance companies aren’t in business to pay out one more dime than they are absolutely forced to. If there is any loophole whatsoever that they can crawl through to avoid a payout, they’ll adopt it. So you’ve got to get tough. You need a crack team of legal representation that can plead your case before a judge and bring home a solid victory.

Place The Blame Where It Belongs

If I hadn’t quickly called in legal representation, I would have been the one who got unjustly stuck with the blame. There was a culprit at fault, one who truly needed to make a payout for the distress, damage, and injury that the accident caused – and that culprit wasn’t me.

Oldham And Smith Can Win Your Case

If you’ve had an accident in Clermont, Eustis, Mt. Dora, or Leesburg, you can call on Oldham and Smith to represent you in your case. If you’re facing imminent hardships such as crippling fines, the loss of your boat or even your boating license, or a lack of proper compensation for any injuries you might have received during your accident, the time to contact Oldham and Smith is now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Oldham and Smith gave me excellent treatment, and they won my case. They can win yours too. Feel free to call them toll free at (352) 292-1620 or contact them online today in order to learn what they can do for you.


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