Seat Belts on a Golf Cart - Not As Crazy As You Think

Golf carts aren’t just doctors’ and lawyers’ get-away vehicles anymore!

Golf carts are frequently used in gated communities, sporting events, fairs, hospitals, airports, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of getting from one place to another (within reason). With the use of golf carts outside of the golf course increasing, the cases of injuries related to their use has increased as well.

Golf cart injuries range from minor abrasions to death and are more frequent than people would assume. Even a slow moving cart can eject a passenger at a sharp turn. Frequent injuries include fractures, concussions, spinal injuries, and paralysis. Common injuries that have caused death include concussions, neck injuries, spinal injuries, damaged wind pipes, and crushing injuries.

Seat belts on Golf Carts are not frivolous

With one-third of golf cart accidents involving children, it is reasonable to think of safety features as a necessity rather than a ridiculous idea. Some of the top causes of golf cart accidents include driving over wet, muddy, or uneven terrain, driving with too many passengers, sharp turns, forgetting to set the brake before exiting, racing and/or horseplay, and inattentive vehicular drivers, installing seatbelts could prevent a vast amount of life-altering or life-threatening injuries.

Other ways to be safe

Understanding the real danger that golf carts can present is the first step in ensuring you or a loved one stays safe. Some other ways to be safe include:

  • Keep arms and legs inside the vehicle
  • Do NOT operate while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Follow traffic rules just as any other vehicle would
  • Lock the brake before exiting
  • Be aware of surroundings and drive defensively
  • Never reverse downhill
  • Take caution over steep or uneven terrain
  • Slow around corners, public roads, and bumps

Above all else, remember that a golf cart is still a vehicle and should be respected as such. Using common sense and caution is the most important tactic.

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