My Mom Has Bed Sores In Her Nursing Home, Is This Abuse?

When the time comes to help provide care for a loved one, many of us turn to professional nursing staffs and residential homes where we are under the impression that these services can provide the ones we love most, with the proper, necessary care that they now require. Signs of skin ulcers or pressure sores (bedsores) are one indication that may mean the person who is supposed to be taken care of, is in fact being neglected.

Why so many nursing home residents have bedsores

Those that reside in nursing homes develop bedsores for several reasons:

  • Skin that is consistently exposed to moisture
  • Laying in one position for long hours at a time; and
  • Malnutrition or lack of adequate hydration

While there are large numbers of patients and less staff members to go around, bedsores are a very serious injury and must be treated appropriately so that they do not worsen. Nursing homes and staff may both be deemed negligent in the event they fail to monitor residents and assist them with repositioning.

I have talked to the staff, but it seems that they don’t want to help

Up to 25% or more of nursing home patients suffer from bedsores. That means, one out of every 10 patients. Often, well-meaning staff overlook these injuries and simply demonstrate how nursing homes can quickly become incapable of providing sufficient checks to residents for a number of reasons like being understaffed. Negligent actions include:

  • Not adequately providing care
  • Not helping residents change positions
  • Not promptly changing residents’ soiled bedding and clothing; and
  • Failing to measure nourishment and prevent dehydration

When these conditions occur, a nursing home abuse attorney can help explain the stages of bedsores established by The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and how these situations require professional expertise and review.

Why you need a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Misconduct that occurs within a nursing home setting is never something that has to be prolonged. Bedsores are painful, extremely damaging and alarmingly, can be fatal. The sooner bedsores are addressed, the quicker appropriate medical care can be provided to promote healing.

When it is suspected that the person you know is being neglected, Oldham & Smith Attorneys at Law are available through complimentary consultation to review facts and advise how to appropriately proceed to remedy these situations. Suffering serious injuries like bedsores from lack of care, or those experiencing wrongful loss is where an attorney should be consulted. Contact ustoday to get started on your case.


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