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Car Accidents at Red-Light Camera Intersections Increased

Oldham & Smith Feb. 14, 2017

Red-light cameras have been controversial in a number of states, and Florida is no exception. Many Florida lawmakers would like to see red-light cameras banned. Their wish may be more likely now that a report was released finding car accidents are up for intersections with these devices. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles conducted a survey of vehicle incidents at 148 intersections across 28 cities within the state. Overall, crashes at these intersections increased slightly more than 10 percent from July 2012 to April 2016. The question must be raised: are the red-light cameras raising the risk of accidents or are other factors increasing the number collisions in Florida?

More Collision Data

The survey broke accidents down by type, and not all types of incidents increased during the 4 years. Rear-end collisions rose 11.41 percent and angle crashes increased 6.72 percent. However, accidents involving cars that ran red lights dropped 3.14 percent.

No matter a person’s opinion on red-light cameras, the data regarding increased traffic accidents is concerning. Not only were collisions on the rise, but crashes involving injuries also rose 9.34 percent and fatalities doubled.

Why Did Vehicle Accidents Rise Between 2012 and 2016?

The safety officials state the reason behind the greater number of accidents over time as being likely due to more people being on the roads. The number of vehicle miles rose 8.32 percent from 2012 to 2015. More vehicles on local roads and highways clearly provide a greater risk of accidents.

However, the officials admit these types of figures are complex, the Ledger reported. A number of elements may go into increasing crash rates, including distraction, speeding, drowsy driving, construction areas, and driving under the influence.

It is unlikely that the red-light cameras themselves are leading to a higher number of accidents. Law enforcement and other proponents of these devices thoroughly believe the cameras reduce the number of vehicles that run red lights and crashes. Many local law enforcement agencies around Florida believe these lights make their streets safer. However, the department’s data may be used to ban these cameras throughout the state.

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